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Many people who book us ask what sort of music we play, which is very difficult to answer as you can appreciate it is solely dependant on the people and the feedback we get. Of course a wedding is a very mixed age group where many of the popular eras will be covered from maybe a couple of 50's, 60's party. Rock n roll, 70's, 80's Abba, 90's and up to date. We are always guided by the people and most importantly the person/people who have booked us as it is our job to make their/your night special and memorable. We always play requests and make a personal point to squeeze in as many as we can during the night.

We provide music for theme'd events where we play music for the entire event in that particular theme or style. We play any theme or style of music where we can just simply adapt to your individual requirements where we will have already put in the effort in planning and researching before the actual event.

Unlike most discos these days, we still use vinyl, but also CD's and digital which gives us a big advantage of a massive music library in a very small space. You cannot beat the audio inaccuracies of vinyl and still today on CD's, many artists actually sample back in the crackles and hiss to simulate a vinyl experience. We use all resources for music to ensure we have everything whether it be original or digital so we can give the people what they require.