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We provide the highest quality disco/roadshow in all aspects from managing the initial enquiry right through to the precise planning of the event itself. We use the best sound and lighting equipment available and bring the whole process/event together with our passion and experience resulting in a truly special event.

Our service is unique in that we are able to offer you a choice of disco styles to suit your individual requirements, with physical sizes matched to your choice and venue. Our sound and lighting equipment is modern, sleek and stylish, chosen specifically for its appearance and performance. We can be whatever you require from subtle and discreet to vibrant and bold.

With venues we have our working relationships down to a "T" where for any event we can be setup by around midday. This means that for a wedding and evening reception, you don't have people carrying equipment past you, setting up the disco, sound checking, etc as it can already be setup before you arrive. Additionally the extra facilities during the day of using our equipment for background music, radio microphones for speeches, etc are welcomed. Generally it takes us around 2 hours to setup and we are very flexible and can simply setup and fit in to whatever timings you wish?

Something a little special I can do is camcorder the event and about 4 weeks or so after I will send you a DVD movie. I generally don’t advertise this service because I like people to book me because of me, the music I play and my reputation rather than the little extras I do like a DVD movie. The only reason I mention this is because much of my "feedback" says thank you for this. My aim is to capture something special and memorable which I hope may become a cherished memory in the future. I always ask your permission first? as sometimes people may not like the added pressure of seeing a camcorder by the disco, but to be honest with you most people just don’t notice as it is very small and it really does capture some lovely things from a DJ’s perspective.