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We are the evolution of "discos" where we provide more than just great music, sound and lighting.

Cloud 9 Roadshow is built up of my brother and I where we have been DJ's for nearly 24 years now (17 years me, 23 years my brother). We are very experienced in providing exciting and entertaining events where we believe they are about more than just playing great music and actually about providing a show. We both have full time careers in the electrical and IT industry and so we can sincerely say that we do what we do because we love it and the response/feedback we receive during and after is fantastic.

Unlike most discos these days, we still use vinyl (records), but also CD's and digital which gives us a big advantage of a massive music library in a very small space. We have never advertised and base all our business on recommendation, which has kept us both year on year very busy with re-occurring bookings. Our passion is music and we pride ourselves on the quality of music, sound and lighting we provide.

We are proud to be different from your average corporate style discos who generally just don't have the personality, depth and experience of music. For us it is all about the people, the music and our passion for what we do in creating some fantastic events. People can sincerely see, hear and feel the enthusiasm and drive we have for what we do and making our/your event special and memorable is always the priority.

Our customer's book us because they do not want to take a chance and they want peace of mind that their special event will be managed perfectly with thorough attention to detail that ends with an exciting and entertaining event. With us, our customer's get something special and different from your average corporate style wedding disco where we provide more than just great music, sound and lighting.




Please see our "Feedback" section which has our customer's honest feedback from every disco we have done last year and this year.


What We Do
We are very pleased to have been chosen as the preferred disco/roadshow of We work so hard in making certain what we do is the best it can be and we believe that their choice and confidence in us truly reflects and advertises the high level of service we provide, the great music we play and the fantastic sound and lighting equipment we use.